Best solution at the right price!

We are able to supply a wide range of used bridge saw from the best producers in the stone business.
From the strong and simple hydraulic bridge saws to the most recent CNC bridge saws.

We are always willing to help you choose the best secondhand machines that match your technical and financial needs.

You can choose between these 3 purchase formulas:

Additional Services

We can provide additional services as collect all the technical documents,  retrive prices for the delivery and offer a full installation of the bridge saw purchased.

Zibetti - Delivery

Delivery Costs

As a service we can help our customers to find the most affordable delivery price providing all the info required as size and weight necessary for book a Truck or a Container.

Used bridge saw - Drawing

Techical Documents

After sale we provide all the documentation necessary to start up the bridge saw purchased as the User Manual, the civil drawings for the concrete walls (if needed) and the Electrical Diagrams.

Used Bridge Saw - Installation

Installation by a specialized Technician

We can offer you a full installation to your company for of the bridge saw purchased worldwide. This option allow you to have a specialized technician who can mount, start-up the machine and train your staff.